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Key Services Offered

  • Contract Management, Tendering, Estimation & Quantity Surveying

  • Detailed Project Reports

  • Third Party Quality Monitoring & Audit services.

  • Slum Rehabilitation schemes

  • Architectural & Engineering Consultancy for affordable housing schemes- Turn key projects

  • Technical audit & Bill certification

  • Project Management

Contract Management, Tendering, Estimation & Quantity Surveying

  • Rendering services of “Contract Management” to the Construction Industry (Government, Semi-Government & Private Sectors) for all types of infrastructure, buildings, and re-development projects. 

  • Tendering and pre-tender activities, estimation, quantity surveying, third party cost and quality control, cost optimization solution, and operation of contracts.

  • Identification & prequalification of contractors

  • Preparation of tender documents, tender floating & finalization of Contract.

  • Preparation of activity wise project sensitivity analysis.

  • Preparation of Bill of quantities (BOQ’s)

Detailed Project Reports

DPR preparation is like painting the picture of a project vividly to examine viability. It is the base document for planning as well as implementing the project. The detailed project report is conceived incorporating aspect of value engineering, quality audit and safety audit requirement in design and implementation.

  • Preparation Social & financial assessment study reports

  • Socio-economic surveys

  • Inception reports

  • Feasibility study reports

  • Economic and financial viability analysis, environmental and social feasibility, technical, social and environmental action plans.

  • Documents required for tendering the project on commercial basis for international / local competitive bidding, land acquisition plan and proposal for acquisition.

  • Detail Engineering, Design & Detail Project Reports



Third Party Quality Monitoring & Audit Services


Effective monitoring of ongoing projects is a key to successful completion of any project with monitoring of quality being most significant aspect.


  • Review and monitoring of quality of all projects implemented by ULBs/Implementing Agencies.

  • Provide a structured report on the quality of projects.

  • Examine project documentation with respect to sanctioned agreement.

  • Review of land requirement/ availability, site preparation & other statutory compliances.

  • Review of project implementation plan & procurement process.

  • Safety & Health aspects

  • Remedial measures to improve quality of the project.

  • Report on quality assurance.



​Slum Rehabilitation Schemes

The slum & hutment dwellers of unauthorized structures form an integral part of any vibrant city. All of them undoubtedly have share of growth, status & prosperity of any developing city. They have had & continue to have a share in building up & maintaining the commercial, industrial & economic growth of the cities. We at Planedge strive to up bring the slum dwellers by,

  • Bringing the existing slums within the formal system and enabling them to avail of similar level of basic amenities as the rest of the town/ city;

  • Redressing the failures of the formal system that underlie the creation of slums; and

  • Tackling the shortages of urban land and housing that keep shelter out of reach of the urban poor and compel them to resort to extra-legal solutions in a bid to retain their sources of livelihood and employment.


Architectural & Engineering Consultancy for affordable housing schemes- Turn key projects

We at Planedge do turn key projects for creating the housing stock of affordable housing schemes

   by identifying,

  • Government Land for affordable housing by unlocking unutilized/underutilized parcels of government owned lands.

  • Land for affordable housing through Redevelopment of underutilized urban areas.

  • Land for affordable housing through Policy reform on Change of Land Use (CLU) of Agricultural Land

  • Turnkey projects right from identifying & sourcing the land parcel available & suitable for housing in coordination with various Government departments to the respective local bodies.

  • Providing architectural design, consultancy services, build & financing of affordable housing stock & associated services of predetermined standards, at predetermined cost & at predetermined time.


Technical Audit & Bill certification

We provide factual reports on the works/services carried out by the contractors in charge of the works. Technical audit is helpful in ascertaining the following:

  • the steady execution of the works carried out under each of the works contracts, together with the associated supervision,

  • the sound organization of the work

  • the quality of the works carried out, in conformity with the contracts, Technical Specifications and in accordance with the best practice in the sector

  • Justification of the project expenditures and forecast of the project budget

  • Sound management of the project, to ensure that each party duly meets its contractual obligations and to mitigate the risk of claims, litigation and/or disputes

  • Overall project health such as whether the project is implemented within budget allocation and completed within the contractual period of performance

Project Management

  • Design development & coordination

  • Tendering & contract management

  • Project cost control

  • Planning & schedule management with state of the art software’s

  • Reporting & documentation

  • Construction Management


Igatpuri Municipal Council

Igatpuri Municipal Council

Nanded-Waghala Municipal Corporation

Nanded-Waghala Municipal Corporation

Ramai Mantri Awas Yojana

Ramai Mantri Awas Yojana

Nashik Municipal Corporation

Nashik Municipal Corporation

Kamela Rehab

Kamela Rehab

Slum Rehabilitation Authority

Slum Rehabilitation Authority

Pachora Municipal Corporation

Pachora Municipal Corporation

Tiroda Municipal Corporation

Tiroda Municipal Corporation

Shegaon Municipal Council

Shegaon Municipal Council

Deori Nagar Panchayat

Deori Nagar Panchayat

Chalisgaon Municipal Council

Chalisgaon Municipal Council

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