Scope Of Work

Empowering Excellence, Redefining Boundaries

Pre Execution

  • Design Management
  • Specification Finalisation
  • Preparation of a Construction Strategy
  • Project Scheduling
  • Support in Tenders and Contracts Management


  • Project tracking and monitoring
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Management Purchase
  • Site Safety
  • Bill checking and certification
  • Project Documentations

Post Execution

  • Project Handover
  • Report Closure


Project Management Services

Design Development and Coordination

Crafting innovative solutions through meticulous design collaboration.

Estimation and Budgeting

Accurate cost forecasting and budgetary planning for seamless project execution.

Tendering and

Streamlined management of tender processes and contract negotiations.

Planning and schedule

Strategic planning and meticulous scheduling to ensure project timelines are met.

Project Cost

Rigorous monitoring and management are needed to keep project costs within budgetary constraints.

Reporting and

Comprehensive documentation and transparent reporting for project stakeholders.


Expert oversight and coordination to ensure smooth construction operations.

Quality Control & Safety Assurance

With meticulous attention to detail, our Quality Control & Safety Assurance.

Bill Checking and

Detailed scrutiny of bills and certifications to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Project Handover and Report Closure

Ensuring a smooth handover process and meticulous report closure is crucial for project success.

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Driving innovative solutions and achieving results

We pursue creative excellence, crafting innovative solutions to ensure your project reaches its full potential.

  • Ensure seamless coordination throughout the development process to bring ideas to life.

  • Document design processes and checklists to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  • Conduct comprehensive design audits periodically to refine and enhance project designs.


Accurate budgeting and estimations

We focus on managing your money carefully, making sure we give you accurate estimates. This helps us reach your project goals successfully.

  • Utilise advanced methodologies to accurately estimate project costs and allocate resources.

  • Ensure meticulous budget planning and monitoring throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Conduct regular budget review meetings to maintain alignment with project objectives and financial targets.


Success by establishing tenders and contracts.

We handle tendering and contracts carefully to keep your project running smoothly.

  • Manage the tendering process meticulously to ensure transparency and compliance with regulations.

  • Handle contract negotiations with precision to secure favourable terms and conditions.

  • Conduct thorough contract reviews and evaluations to mitigate risks and maximise value.

Planning and Schedule Management

Time management and productivity

We keep to the plan by managing schedules to finish your project on time and deliver as promised.

  • Develop comprehensive project plans and schedules to optimise resources and minimise delays.

  • Utilise advanced scheduling tools to track project progress and identify critical milestones.

  • Conduct regular schedule review meetings to assess progress and make necessary adjustments.


Making sure your money stays safe during your project.

We are excellent with money. We control project costs well to keep your project within budget and protect you from unexpected financial problems.

  • Utilise advanced cost-tracking systems to track expenses and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.

  • Conduct regular cost review meetings to assess project financial performance and make informed decisions.

  • Document cost control procedures and checklists to ensure transparency and accountability.

Reporting and Documentation

Being honest and responsible all the time

We believe in trust and honesty. We make sure to report and document everything properly to keep everyone informed and ensure your projects stay on track.

  • Generate comprehensive reports detailing project progress, milestones, and key performance indicators.

  • Document all project-related activities, decisions, and communications to ensure clarity and accountability.

  • Conduct regular review meetings to present reports and discuss project status with stakeholders.


To us, Execution is everything

We always deliver on our promises by following the plan exactly. Execution is key to turning plans into successful results. No matter how good the plan is, it only works if we carry it out well.

  • Manage all aspects of the construction process, from planning and procurement to execution and handover.

  • Utilise advanced project management tools and techniques to optimise resources and minimise risks.

  • Conduct regular site inspections to monitor progress, quality, and safety compliance.

Quality Control and Safety Assurance

Supervision Unlike any other

We aim for perfection and prioritise quality control. We don’t take shortcuts and aren’t happy with just "good enough." We manage time and costs carefully to ensure the owner is fully satisfied.

  • Rigorous inspections and protocols guarantee precision and safety in every aspect of our operations.

  • We prioritise compliance with regulations and industry best practices to mitigate risks and ensure a safe working environment.

Bill checking and certification

Exact Accounts for Every Detail

Managing bills and certifications is hard work, but we can help. With Planedge, you don’t have to worry. We keep exact accounts for everything, from small screws to big machines.

  • Scrutinise all bills and certifications with meticulous attention to detail to identify any discrepancies.

  • Ensure that all bills are accurately calculated and certified in accordance with project requirements.

  • Conduct thorough reviews and validations of all certifications to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Project Handover & Report Closure

Smooth Handover, Complete Documentation

We make sure our clients have a smooth transition by finishing all paperwork in the final stages of our projects. We care about relationships and aim for a smooth handover, building important connections along the way.

  • Thorough documentation of project completion to facilitate a seamless transition.

  • Finalisation of all reports and documentation to ensure project closure.

  • Comprehensive review and validation of project deliverables for client satisfaction.