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Mr. Nilesh Laddad

Managing Director

Mrs. Neha Laddad


Mr. Mohit Gosewade

Director - Government Projects

Mr. Varghese Thomas

Business Head

Mr. Mashalkar Kedar

Sr. G.M. Projects

Mr. Sridhar Dixit


Mr. Pankaj Chandak

G.M. - Business Administration

Mr. Praveen Khode

G.M. Projects

Mr. Aslam Kadalgi

G.M. Government Projects

Mr. Ganesh Khumbhoje

D.G.M Projects

Mr. Vireshwar Babar

Senior Project Cordinator

Mr. Vishal Deshpande

Senior Project Cordinator

Mr. Atul Dhumal


Ms. Sharada Tarphe

Team Lead - Accounts


Our strategy of excellence is based on inspiring workers to take on difficult challenges and discover their full potential. This helps us build a community of empathy and confidence.

We believe that diversity creates an atmosphere conducive to creative thinking. We invest in our team members at every stage of their careers by providing learning opportunities, allowing them to develop their skill sets and better serve our clients’ needs.

We value and encourage diversity in the workplace. As a result, our energies are centered on preserving and improving this diverse work climate. It provides new insights and allows our people to properly integrate into society. We are an equal opportunity employer that follows all applicable laws and regulations with a zest to add value.


We enjoy being a part of our team members’ success stories, with many of them joining us as fresh graduates and rapidly rising through the ranks to managerial positions. Being on the lookout for continuous fresh perspectives, we encourage new talent to join us.

Below listed are the positions open at the moment.

Sr. Engineer Contracts

Experience - 5 to 9 years

Contract Manager

Experience - 3 to 5 years


Experience - 0 to 5 years

Customer Service Executive

Experience - 3 to 5 years

Executive Operation & CRM

Project Manager

Experience - 10+ years

General Manager

Experience - 15 to 25 Years

Estimation Manager

Experience - 6 to 8 years


At Planedge, we are passionate about what we do. With a strong and jubilant team of 300 professionals,

we bring together an established track record of technical expertise. Planedge is a young enterprise,

our people are diverse and we operate with the highest level of integrity.


Our team has one thing in common: to provide value to the landscape that we are crafting around us.

We interchange the role of catalysts- with both the employees and the company benefiting greatly from each other.

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